International trade: New sandbox rules

With the new United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) signed and awaiting ratification, the rules around international trade are shifting for Canada. Before the Bell engaged with stakeholders and experts to discuss how Canadians can capitalize on the USCMA, what it means for our industries, and what global opportunities remain for the government’s progressive internationalism agenda.

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TradeGraham Scott
It's not just taxes — here is what's really killing Canada's competitiveness

First in a three-part series on how Canada’s heavy regulatory burden is choking competitiveness.

Ask Jean-Francois Boursier about running a business under Canadian regulations and he will likely tell you a tale of two paint shops.

ADF Group Inc., where Boursier is chief financial officer, needed to build identical painting facilities on either side of the border: one at its steel fabricating plant in Terrebonne, Que., and the other in Great Falls, Mont.

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RegulatoryGraham Scott