Access to New Markets Around the World and the Elimination of Trade Barriers at Home

Canada is a trading nation, and agreements signed in recent years have created significant new market opportunities. Canadian businesses are eager to take advantage of these agreements but cannot do it alone.

Similarly, our domestic market represents a tremendous growth opportunity. However, internal trade barriers cost Canada’s economy more than $14 billion each year.

The next federal government must build on existing trade opportunities, open up new ones and make it easier for Canadians to do business with one another here at home.


We call on all federal parties to help diversify trade opportunities for Canadian businesses at home and abroad. We ask them to commit to:

  • Completing negotiations with Mercosur and Pacific Alliance in the Latin American region. READ FULL MERCOSUR RECOMMENDATION READ FULL PACIFIC ALLIANCE RECOMMENDATION

  • Accelerating the process for additional countries to join the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP). READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Launching negotiations with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN). READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Tackling foreign industrial subsidies so Canadian companies can compete on a level playing field at home and abroad. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Protecting and expanding trade opportunities with the United Kingdom after its departure from the European Union. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Enhancing labour mobility and increasing the scope of mutual recognition of professional qualifications at home and abroad. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Promoting trade facilitation measures to ease the movement of goods across the border. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Developing a Canadian position in support of cross-border data flows in bilateral and multilateral trade agreements. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Tackling non-tariff barriers, particularly in the agriculture sector. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Developing concrete plans with clear timelines for creating the necessary infrastructure to get Canadian energy products to global markets. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Working with the provincial and territorial governments on the mutual recognition of regulations, rules and policies to allow for the free movement of labour, goods and services in Canada. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Conducting a full review of the Canadian Free Trade Agreement (CFTA) to ensure it:

    • Covers all sectors of the economy and includes all government entities, including ministries, Crown corporations and regional and local governments.

    • Institutes a dispute resolution mechanism that includes binding and enforceable powers.

    • Includes a specific focus on the removal of barriers to interprovincial trade in wine, beer and spirits.

    • Includes the elimination of non-tariff regulatory trade barriers through mutual recognition. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION