A Tax System That Is Fair, Efficient and Modern

Our taxes fund government programs and initiatives that contribute to making Canada the great country it is, and businesses are willing to pay their share. However, while other jurisdictions make their tax systems more competitive, Canada’s is becoming increasingly complex and inefficient, killing investment and jobs.

Canada has not undertaken a comprehensive review of its tax system since the 1960s. Until we do, it will remain a cumbersome, inefficient patchwork. The next federal government can fix this problem by initiating a full, independent review with a goals of aligning it with the realities of today’s competitive environment and helping set our businesses up for success.

Compounding the challenges created by our outdated tax system are the federal debt and deficit. Canada’s fiscal flexibility is extremely limited, and there is no clear plan for returning to balance. This is terrible long-term policy, and failure to get our fiscal house in order increases Canada’s vulnerability whenever the next economic downturn occurs.


To restore fairness and increase the ability of Canadian businesses to compete, we are asking all federal parties to commit to:

  • Appointing a royal commission to conduct a comprehensive review of the Canadian tax system guided by the principles of tax competitiveness, simplicity and fairness. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Adjusting the tax mix to better promote business investment, including offshore investment and economic growth. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Presenting a concrete plan, with timelines, to return the federal books to balance. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION


It is crucial we recognize a modernized tax system can be a key driver of Canada’s business innovation and economic growth. So, what needs to change? Read more about our call for a royal commission at