A Workforce with the Skills, Education and Training to Prosper

As the world of work constantly evolves, finding the right talent with the right skills and training at the right time remains one of the biggest challenges, and doing so is growing more difficult as industries adapt to new technologies and new ways of doing business. For Canadian companies to grow and thrive, they need access to a skilled workforce.


To ensure Canada’s workforce has the skills, education, training and retraining programs needed to help businesses succeed, regardless of industry or region, we are asking all federal parties to commit to:

  • Working with business to ensure government re-training programs meet the demand for skills required for the economies of today and tomorrow. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Working with business and other levels of government to ensure primary and secondary education includes the skills necessary for our evolving economy, including the soft and hard skills required to thrive in a world of increased automation and globalization. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Supporting private sector upskilling/re-skilling initiatives. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Expanding work-integrated learning (WIL) opportunities by:

    • Broadening the definition of WIL to include a wide range of experiences across fields, regions and participants. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

    • Providing more accessible funding supports, such as refundable tax credits, employment insurance premium reductions and more flexible grant programs, to SMEs and organizations that have not previously offered work placements. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Replicating the Atlantic Immigration Pilot Project outside of major urban centres across the country. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Ensuring the Indigenous workforce has the skills required to meet local labour shortages. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION