A Healthier Pharmacare System for Healthier Canadians

While approximately 90% of Canadians can access the drugs and treatment they need, some federal parties advocate a national pharmacare plan. If the next federal government proceeds with national pharmacare, the plan should focus on closing the gaps between those that have and those who do not have prescription drug coverage, as well as provide solutions that meet the real needs of patients and employees. Any new program must provide an advantage over what the current system offers and must not reduce or replace the comprehensive coverage options already available through private and/or group plans. The business community is concerned the federal government cannot develop a cost-effective approach.


We are calling on the federal parties to commit to:

  • Building on the strengths of the existing system without reducing or replacing the coverage already enjoyed by most Canadians. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Consulting with private sector stakeholders (including benefits providers, pharmaceutical companies and health care practitioners) when designing and implementing a national program to prevent unintended consequences, such as loss of access to medicines. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Ensuring the costs of any new program are not passed on to businesses/employers. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Ensuring any new program addresses coverage for rare diseases and other high-cost medications. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Fostering an investment and regulatory environment that encourages clinical trials in Canada by applying our competitive advantages in artificial intelligence and big data to health innovation. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Ensuring our businesses have continued access to health data to improve health outcomes as well as government funding that goes beyond early science for both medications and devices. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION