Innovation and Infrastructure to Make Canada the Most Connected Country in the World

Artificial intelligence. Automation. Big data. These are just some of the forces changing how we live and work. As these and other innovations emerge, all sectors of our economy, from mining and energy to agriculture, retail, transportation, financial services and high tech, will remain untouched. In particular, we are seeing the importance of intangibles, like intellectual property, growing dramatically in importance, with our ability to develop and attract 21st century skills fast becoming critical to our economic success.

Canada must ensure our innovative, world-leading companies and entrepreneurs can seize the opportunities of the digital age. That means adopting a more flexible approach to regulations, making smart investments in skills training and in digital infrastructure as well as developing new strategies to encourage and profit from intangibles.

Our next federal government must also recognize that our economy remains diverse and that more than just technology connects Canadians. We remain an export-dependent country, and our physical infrastructure will continue to play a vital role in getting our goods to market and in driving our prosperity. As Canada’s next government considers its priorities for public infrastructure investment, trade enabling infrastructure, which has the greatest long-term economic benefit, should top the list.


We ask all federal parties to commit to:

  • Embracing a more nimble, flexible and evidence-based approach to regulating new technologies in the digital age. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Recognizing the need to promote and strengthen Canada’s ability to capitalize on intangibles, like intellectual property. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Working with businesses to create an environment that is attractive to investors and innovators both from abroad and at home. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Improving access to high-speed networks in underserved communities. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Prioritizing the auction of the 3,500-megahertz spectrum so Canadians can take advantage of 5G networks. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Accelerating the pace of mmWave spectrum allocation so businesses can use the power of the internet of things (IoT) for logistics and other industrial purposes. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Enhancing the digitalization of government, including more user-focused services that reduce administrative burdens on business. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Closing the gap between infrastructure demand and investment in Canada by maintaining current levels of federal infrastructure funding and making economic growth and productivity, not politics, the criteria for project selection. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION

  • Allocating a greater share of funding in federal infrastructure plans towards trade-enabling infrastructure projects throughout Canada. READ FULL RECOMMENDATION